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Thus, it is considered a moving meditation as well as a powerful martial art.</font> <p><font color="#002346">The practice of T'ai Chi Ch'uan restores the balance between the physical and mental. Performed with concentration and control, it can be a challenging discipline for persons of all ages. The repetition of the slow movements create habits of relaxation, while the gentle twisting enhances flexibility and improves circulation. This is particularly valuable as we grow older.</font></p> <p><font color="#002346">After performing T'ai Chi Ch'uan, one feels a sense of well-being, not fatigue. Regular practice will not only develop an agile and graceful body, but also an alert and serene mind.</font></p> <p><font color="#002346">Some study T'ai Chi Ch'uan for its aesthetic quality as well as its benefits. Each of the movements in the slow set has its own martial and physiological significance. When performed together in sequence, the result is as captivating to watch as it is to perform.</font></p> <p><font color="#002346"><i>"How do we learn?" </i></font><i><br> <font color="#002346">"How do we make changes?" <br>"When we move slowly, we can be aware."<br>"When we move quickly, we often compound our errors."<br>"First we do slow set to listen to ourselves."<br>"Later, as a martial art, we learn to listen to others."</i> <div align="center">David Block </div></font></p> </blockquote> </td> </tr> <tr valign="top"> <td colspan="2" height="14">&nbsp;</td> <td width="72%"> <blockquote> <p align="center"><font color="#003366"><b><font size="2">T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy, 318 N. 5th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85003 <br>Tel. (602) 538-7686 </font></b></font></p> </blockquote> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </body> </html>